A successful networking event is all about how you work the room.

Be Early

One key to successfully working a room is to get there before most people do, say 15 minutes early. Typically, the only folks there that early are the hosts. Most times, people holding an event are fairly well connected. So, if you don’t know them, it’s a great opportunity to meet. If you do know the host, it’s a nice chance to get better acquainted. Maybe even help.

Help Out

Speaking of helping, volunteering to help out at a networking event puts you literally in the front row to meet nearly everybody in attendance -especially if you volunteer for the sign-in desk.

Meaningful Conversation

Whether you work the table or not, you’d better bring more to the conversation table than just your standard elevator pitch. Have some client success stories, anecdotes and current trends in your industry in your back pocket to bring to the conversation. But before you do, ask the people you meet about those things.


Quite simple. People love to talk about themselves. Even shy people will respond to a question when asked. And when they are done talking, chances are great they will return the favor and ask about your business.

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