In recent weeks, we have talked about having an ideal client sheet for your one-on-ones. As an example, we used a public relations’ ideal client sheet. While this is tailored for a PR agency, you can use a number of these categories to help define your ideal client:

  • Gross revenue
  • Years in business
  • Industry or niche
  • How much client will invest in your services (e.g. minimum amount)
  • How quickly the client pays its invoices (preferably within 10 days)
  • How much ownership or C-level executive value of the service you offer
  • Chemistry with key contacts and ownership

Our example contains things that are specific to a PR agency. There could be things specific to yours that should be on your ideal client list.

If you can’t really think of anything off the top of your head, think about your best client or the client you enjoy working with the most. What do they do that you like? Is there something they could be doing that would make it an even better relationship (e.g. increase budget, respond in a more timely fashion, etc.).

Your ideal client can also be a working document. You can edit/delete as your new business appetite evolves. But it is important to give your network a pretty good idea of who you are looking for. You simply never know who people know.

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