So, if you were playing Jeopardy and selected the category of Networking and Alex gave an answer of “One-on-One”, what would your question be?

What’s the best way to pass or receive leads or referrals?

What’s a meeting between two people in a networking group?

What’s the best way to resolve potential conflicts?

Now, even a stickler like Alex Trebek would accept any of those answers. Yet the one I want to talk about is the third: what’s the best way to resolve potential conflicts.

In today’s business world, particularly B2B, we try to grab as many slices of the pie as possible. A graphic designer will do websites as well as print material. A PR firm will draft copy for direct mail pieces as well as press releases. Financial planners will sell insurance. HR firms will also offer payroll services. The list goes on and on.

In networking groups that offer exclusivity, this can pose a challenge when prospects visit and want to claim a category that may have some overlap with an existing member. The reaction can go several ways.

First, the member can cite the overlap and say, “no way”. Second, the member can state the overlap and schedule a one-on-one to see how much of an overlap exists and to see if there’s possibility the two can co-exist.

You’re probably thinking, “shouldn’t the sitting member have the right of first refusal” and that if there’s a conflict their say so should be enough? You are 100 percent correct on that and My Pinnacle Network abides by that. Yet, it’s the shrewd networker who looks to see if there’s a way to work together with somebody who might have a conflict


Often times, the graphic designer who might also do websites can partner with a web designer on projects. Or the financial planner and the insurance professional can team up. Or a CPA can work with a bookkeeper—even if the CPA’s firm offers bookkeeping. Now, sometimes the overlap is too much. Other times, it’s an even greater opportunity. Taking the time to have a phone call or one-on-one before declaring a conflict can open some doors that might have otherwise closed without further exploration.

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