Monthly Door Prize Give-a-way

Pitch Your Business To A Crowd Ready To Listen!

We’ve all heard of the “Elevator Pitch”, that 30 second opportunity to make your sales pitch to a captive audience. We have an opportunity for you to make your sales pitch.

Each event we offer the opportunity for you to pitch your business to the entire group of professionals who attend the event. These Pros are ready to listen! During each monthly event we have a Door Prize Give-A-Way where a few people contribute a gift to give to a lucky winner in the group. Each door prize doner receives an opportunity to speak about their business or profession to the group and give their door prize to the luck winner.

How do you get this opportunity? Here’s how it works…

  1. Register for the next upcoming event (you can do that here).
  2. Contact Lois Drukman (617.827.6848) to let us know you want to pitch your business at the next SSNPG event.
  3. Bring a gift valued between $15-$25 for your door prize (See list of examples below or ask for a recommendation when you call).
  4. Prepare your pitch and be ready to speak for 1-3 minutes about your business, products or services.
  5. Tell other professionals that you know that you are attending and ask them to attend (It’s always easier to speak with friends in the audience).
  6. Come to the event with plenty of business cards and network with top notch professional.

 What are the benefits of making your sales pitch at SSNPG?

  • Promote your business face-to-face with a group of business professionals local to the south shore area of Massachusetts.
  • We promote you in our monthly event roundup post (We list your contact information and link to your business website).
  • Get mentioned in our email newsletter (Sent out each month to thousands of local south shore business professionals).
  • Get exposure for your business through our social media channels (Posted on multiple networks to thousands of local south shore business professionals).

Door Prize Examples

Here’s a list of door prize examples to help you come up with a gift idea. These are just examples to help you make a decision if need.

  • Gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop
  • Gift basket filled with sweets or other snacks
  • A book on business or professional development
  • Your own product or service (if it is something that most people would want or could use)

Some guidelines on gift donations: 

  • Gifts should be values between $15-$25.
  • Gifts should be something that most people would want or could use.
  • Although a gift of alcohol such as a bottle of wine is acceptable, we encourage prize donors to come up with something more interesting.
  • Gifts should be small enough to be carried in/out of the event by one person and fit on a car seat so the winner can get it home to use.
  • When you contact us to let us know you are contributing a door prize, please let us know what you intend to bring.
  • If you want to contribute a prize but are not sure what to bring, let us know when you call and we will be happy to suggest something.

See you at the next SSNPG event!

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