You often hear about how networking hits the snooze button during the summer months, particularly July. The My Pinnacle Network-Westborough meeting offered a great example of how summer networking can add depth to the relationships you have with fellow members and guests.

It started innocently enough with me sharing a harmless idiosyncrasy about my family—we kept elastics on the door knobs for easy access. Members were asked to share something quirky like that from their childhood.

As feared, nobody shared anything quite as strange as elastics on the door. Still, each attendee mentioned a part of their upbringing where you left the meeting feeling like you knew each person better. It’s one of the benefits of a summer meeting where attendance is a little lighter than normal.

While nobody had anything quite as weird as my family, each member shared parts of their upbringing that left me feeling like I knew each person a little better. In short, the perception of each person received some depth. That’s not something that typically can happen in a meeting. It usually occurs during a one-on-one.

So, keep up the networking this summer. The benefits of knowing your fellow networkers better will far outweigh time out of the sun.

This article was provided by My Pinnacle Network.