Can your business use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an online community of professionals who can link to other professionals or businesses in order to promote themselves or their business. Let’s look at ways of how a business can use LinkedIn.

First, a business should establish their presence on LinkedIn by creating their own page which is free. A bio should then be added about what the business does and the products or services offered. The company logo and some kind of banner image should be included on the page in order to make the business profile easy to find.

Linking LinkedIn to the Business Website

A business should link their page to their company website along with any blogs or social platforms. It is even possible to embed a “follow” button on the business website to allow customers to easily find them on LinkedIn.

•Link the page to the business website

•Link the page to any social platforms or blogs the business is involved in

•Embed a “follow” button on the business website

If there are any employees who have profiles on LinkedIn, they should be encouraged to add their relationship with the business on their profile. Create a follower base and encourage customers to become followers. It is also helpful to create a forum where customers can share their experiences with the business and the use of its products and services.

Gaining Followers

A good way to try and gain followers is to know the audience the business is trying to attract:

•Run a search for members who fit the customer persona

•Look at their pages and see what subjects they follow

•Get involved in relevant subjects

Following these steps will help determine which subjects the business might be able to use.

LinkedIn Groups

A business can join LinkedIn groups, which are groups that are involved in the same brand or industry. This allows these similar businesses to join in conversation with one another and possibly try to help each other out.

Advertising through LinkedIn

Another way of how a business can use LinkedIn is by promoting itself with LinkedIn Ads and Sponsored Updates. There is targeting criteria that can be used to find ideal customers such as seniority, geography, industry, etc. It is even possible to track the business’ progress by using the analytics tab on the company page. This information can be used to help tailor posts to the people that the business is already reaching and wants to reach.

As you can see, there are several ways of how a business can use LinkedIn to connect with customers.



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