Mother Nature 4—SSNPG 0 NO Meeting this month!!

Record Breaking Snow! Extreme Cold! Poor Road Conditions! What a Winter of 2015! And it is not over………..

Everyone is tired of shoveling and Spring cannot come fast enough! We know everyone would love a night out to network and catch up about business but let’s be realistic. Night time driving conditions can only be described as treacherous. NOTHING is more important to us than the safety of our members. We have decided that the best option for everyone this month is to cancel our meeting. Everyone needs to be home and safe at night until conditions improve.

Let’s all look forward to our 5 year celebration on March 17th! It is also St. Patricks’ Day so this will be a perfect time to connect and celebrate this great milestone! We want everyone to mark their calendars now to attend!!

Lois & Marc